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Concrete Piling in Melbourne

Concrete Piling Melbourne

Concrete Piling Melbourne

Merolli Concrete are the industry experts when it comes to concrete piling in Melbourne. With our reliable, detailed approach, we will get the job done on time and within budget using high quality materials at a transparent, affordable price.

Most people know the importance of a home foundation. But fewer are aware of the concrete piling that actually supports this foundation. They are essentially concrete columns that stabilize the entire building and can handle extremely heavy loads.

A concrete pile is simply a reinforced pile made of concrete. They are holes bored into the ground and spaced apart so that the earth behind it does not fall and provides for structures to be built on. They tend to be far more cost effective in comparison to other kinds of materials for this purpose. They also have an advantage over steel since they are corrosion resistant and more affordable.

CFA Piling in Melbourne

For superior concrete and CFA piling in Melbourne, consider working with Merolli. We are fully insured and licenced with 60 years of experience in all things concrete. We’re a local and family owned business that places a strong emphasis on transparent pricing, customer support, high quality materials, and attention to detail. We combine state of the art technology with decades of industry experience to deliver the best concrete services in Melbourne.

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How do I know if I need piling on my concrete?

You’ll probably have to consult a specialist if you want to know whether you need them or not. Generally, house extensions do not require piling, just an extension of the existing foundation. But in any situation where the soil is unstable (including extensions), you’ll probably need it. Strip foundations, raft foundations, or trench fill foundations might suffice in cases where deep piling is not necessary.

What are the advantages of this process?

Concrete piling is more affordable than steel and still provides incredible levels of strength. It is corrosion resistant and will last as long as the concrete foundation itself (for decades and decades).

Concrete is the most widely used type of pile as it is versatile, affordable, and suitable for a large variety of soil types. They can reach up to 20 metres in depth. In contrast, Steel is more expensive, but it has applications in niche instances and for industrial projects.

What are the main types?

There are means of classification for pilings other than cast in situ or precast. You could divide concrete into driven, bored, mini, and geothermal. Bored piles are the most common and can usually go deep. Mini piles are often used for reinforcing an existing structure with a confined space. Geothermal piles are used to generate a heat source as well as to support the foundation in certain soil conditions.

How deep does the piling need to be?

This depends on a number of criteria. The major determinant is how heavy the structure on top is going to be. But the type of pile, soil conditions, and the proximity to other structures are also key considerations. The type of soil (rock, clay, sand, peat, gravel, etc) will also affect the total depth of the pile. For smaller projects, 5-7 metres should suffice. For large commercial and industrial projects, you’re probably talking 12-20 metres and above.

What piling options are offered by Merolli?

There are many types of concrete piling. Melbourne clients can choose an option depending on their individual project specifications. You may want to consider:

  • Piling rigs and pendulum
  • 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, or 750mm holes
  • 2m up to 23m depth
  • Continual flight augering
  • Sand, rock and clay
  • Core barrelling
  • Z augering
  • Confined areas

Most often, there are other concrete related activities that will need to be completed in tandem with concrete piling. Such services would include concrete slabs, excavation, and concrete formwork.

Why use Merolli concrete services?

We offer customised solutions for all projects, so you don’t waste any time or money due to poor decisions. All jobs are completed on time and within budget, and our family run business has over 60 years in the field.

You’ll be hard pressed to find better quality concrete piling in Melbourne. We also offer a host of ancillary concrete, drilling, and excavation services so you can take advantage of an all-inclusive package with reduced rates.

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