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Reliable Basement Construction in Melbourne

Basement Construction Melbourne

Basement Construction Melbourne

Basement construction is becoming more popular and makes strategic building sense. Land in the suburbs is extremely expensive to buy, so homeowners are going underground to use the full extent of the block, boundary-to-boundary, where planning is not affected. A basement can have a variety of different uses depending on what your preferences or needs are.

Some of the different options for basements include:

  • Deep earth piling
  • Capping beam to tie piers
  • Bulk earth removal
  • Spray walls shotcrete
  • Suspended slabs

At Merolli, we construct from a clear block or demolished site piling works, excavation, concrete slabs, and suspended slabs. The end result is a basement with an additional area utilised within the land. There are different ways to create a basement, so call us on 0418 367 025 to discuss your project.

What are the advantages of having a basement in Melbourne?

One of the biggest advantages is that you can save a lot of money. The cost for a lot of land is very expensive in Melbourne, and you may not want to take up too much garden space by building out. In these cases, going downwards makes a lot of sense. There are many benefits to simply being underground as well: it’s private, quieter, and better insulated.

A basement can be used to create a wine cellar, garage, entertainment centre, gym, sleeping quarters, or for a host of other purposes.

What are the disadvantages?

Basement construction can become a bit price prohibitive, though this can depend on who you go to. It’s also not a straightforward build and requires an awful lot of planning. After all, your home needs a solid foundation to stay upright, and adding a basement below can interfere with this unless the project is carefully executed. When it’s finished, however, the basement is certainly a worthwhile investment.

What is the cost?

Basements can be expensive, though the costs are a little tricky to quantify. With regular buildings and home extensions, there is quite a lot of information over millions of purchases. But this is not exactly the case with basements.

The cost of the project is going to depend on many factors including the total surface area, the slope of the land, who you go to, and the quality of materials. Basements can also be built for existing residences if the conditions are right.

What should I look out for when building a basement?

Obviously, the first thing to look for is a specialist with decades of experience. If you hire the wrong contractor for such a large project, it could easily turn into a nightmare. Look for a company with significant construction experience and a strong reputation. We have been in situations where contractors commenced work only to be shut down due to incorrect procedures. This resulted in the owner paying out exorbitant amounts of money to rectify, fix and bring the site back up to standard. It is important to know that should this unfortunate event happen, it’s not only your finances that’s affected, but so do the authorities whereby they get involved which is not desirable. So be very careful!

On a more technical note, you will want to line up the walls of the basement with the walls of the house for increased efficiency. A perimeter drain to collect water is also a good idea, as drainage is a central consideration when it comes to basement construction in Melbourne.

What are the other aspects of building a basement?

When building basements, there are many moving parts and logistics to ensure successful construction. There is piling work, large excavation, and formwork as well as the knowledge of the processes required to carry out these unique tasks.

Piling is highly specialised. The terrain on any site can vary, so having the right tools to use is extremely important. Understanding what and how to use them is essential to ensure work is successful. Knowledge of the ground conditions such as clay, location of the water table, shale and reef, and weathered rock is essential. Geotech and soil reports are fundamental to implementing basement works.

Why should I choose Merolli?

For basements in Melbourne, you want to work with those who have a proven track record. Merolli has 60 years of experience in construction and an excellent reputation in Melbourne.

With Merolli, you’ll get a direct quote and all details surrounding your potential basement build without any fluff. All projects are completed on time and within budget, and we use the very best of materials to bring the project to completion. We’re fully licensed and insured, and all work is completed in line with Australian Standards.

Call now on 0418 367 025 for more information on basements in Melbourne.

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