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Excavation Services in Melbourne

Excavation Services Melbourne

Excavation Services Melbourne

Before you embark on any kind of residential or commercial project, you’re most likely going to need some high-quality excavation work. There is often a large amount of soil to be removed and then placed elsewhere. And the soil needs to be perfectly level and firm to build on.

If you encounter a rock or hard surface, you may also need drilling services or specialised components to break it up. Excavation work is often the first step after the designing and blueprinting stage of any new development. It’s easy to overlook this vital but critical component of a new project. Over excavating of a site happens often because levels are not taken correctly. The calculations are misinterpreted and hence the over excavation happens. This is not an ideal situation to be in and will cost you a lot of money to correct it if this happens. Remember that a structure must be built on firm ground not loose earth. So be very careful with who you choose to do your excavation.

To get the most efficient excavation services in Melbourne, work with Merolli. We provide a range of services for our customers using state of the art machinery and equipment. Our services include site cuts, soil removal, cut and fill and bulk excavation.

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What are the advantages of high quality excavation work?

Contrary to popular belief, all excavation work is not the same. Better quality excavators will ensure that the work gets completed more rapidly. Moreover, when you work with experienced, quality contractors, you can be assured that you get the right type of excavation work at the right depth.

Some terrain can be difficult to work on, and you will also benefit from a host of associated services. It’s often more affordable to work with an excavation specialist that also offers concrete construction services. They understand what’s needed for the next phase of the project.

What kind of excavation services do you provide?

We provide five major kinds of excavation. They are listed below along with some details of what they entail.

Excavation Services

  • Range of small, medium, and large excavators
  • Rock extraction
  • Material removal
  • Fully owned fleet of truck and trailers

Site Cuts

  • Large areas
  • Small confined areas
  • Sloped sites
  • All types of terrain: shale, rock, sand, and clay

Soil Removal

  • Large range of landfill sites
  • Environmental awareness
  • Remove large amount of material in a day

Cut and Fill

  • Equipped with the latest technology
  • Knowledge of land levels
  • Proof rolling
  • Import and export material suitable

Bulk Excavation

  • Large quantities of material removal in a day
  • Small and large excavators
  • Equipment for difficult terrain
  • Competitively priced

How do I know if I need excavation work?

A vast majority of construction and renovation projects can require excavation work. For building an extension, renovating a driveway, building a pool, building a house, or constructing a basement, you are going to need excavation work to make some space.

A more relevant question is what level of excavation work you need. There’s a lot more excavation work involved in constructing a new basement as opposed to adding a small extension, for example.

What factors affect the cost of excavation work?

The cost of excavation work will be affected by the total surface area and depth, but these are only the two first steps. The total cost will also be a factor of the type of equipment needed, any necessary specialised attachments, the total time taken, the slope of the land, and the accessibility of the area. Your location will also be a factor, as different states have different rates.

How long does excavation work take?

There is no set time, and it all depends on your unique project. A larger surface area with a greater depth is going to take longer, even with a more powerful machine. If there are rocks or other kinds of materials to be broken up and removed, it’s also going to take longer.

Site access might also be an issue, but once the machines are on site there won’t be any further barriers in this regard. If you have a deadline to meet or you want to get the project moving along, you can talk to the contractor, and they should be able to help out with more people or machines to expedite things. One other factor can be the weather. If conditions are wet then it prolongs the time the excavation takes to complete. It is important to note that a close eye is given to the days before and during excavation. Sometimes, it may be inevitable as it may start to rain. Knowing what to do and how to counteract this is crucial.

Why should I choose Merolli?

Merolli has over 60 years of experience as a family run enterprise. We are licensed, insured, and registered. We also offer a number of associated services such as concrete piling, concrete slabs, basement construction, polished concrete, concrete formwork, and more.

We use modern, powerful machines and give time and attention to each and every project. All clients get a customised service with Merolli.

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