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Expert Polished Concrete in Melbourne

Polished Concrete Melbourne

Polished Concrete Melbourne

Polished concrete is an excellent way to get all the benefits of durability, style, and longevity. Your concrete can look amazing and will last for a long time. It’s one of the fastest-growing floor preferences in Melbourne and wider Australia.

And with good reason: there is practically nothing that compares to concrete polishing in terms of appeal, durability, and maintenance. But to get all the benefits, you’ll need to go to a local provider that really knows what they’re doing.

Here in Melbourne, the name of that provider is always Merolli. We have been in this business for over 60 years, and it has been passed down from father to son. Our family run business has a rich history of providing the best concrete services in Melbourne.

Where is concrete polishing used?

These days, it is used in all settings. But in the past five years, it has seen an increase in popularity for residential homeowners as it can be used in garages. And it is also making the move inside the home thanks to new industry innovations along with multiple styling and customisation options.

It is low maintenance and long lasting. This is why it has always been popular in commercial and retail outlets and is now becoming more popular inside residential homes.

What are the different types?

There are two major kinds. The first is grind and seal concrete, also known as traditional concrete polishing. This is ideal for low to moderate quality concrete. The process involves a three-pass grind with 25, 60, and 120 grit diamonds. The higher the grit, the finer the finish. The concrete is then sealed, typically with epoxy or polyurethane.

The second method is known as diamond polished concrete. This is not for the faint of heart. It involves a 12-step process and a new slab of concrete that is retail/commercial grade. The concrete is finished with a higher quality sealer, and the surface will be ultra smooth and long lasting.

Other options for concrete include stencilling and exposed aggregate. Keep in mind that different providers use different terms, especially when it comes to grinding, honing, and polishing. A quick way to find out the quality of your concrete polishing is to ask the provider what grit level the concrete is finished with and what their process entails.

What are the benefits?

It has lots of benefits and almost zero downsides, aside from the initial cost. It’s available in an endless variety of colours, and you can embed objects beneath the finish. You can even adapt the shine of the finish by changing the sander grit.

The benefits go far beyond aesthetic appeal. There is practically no maintenance, and it is incredibly durable, lasting for decades. It actually makes regular concrete stronger since it will no longer crack. It is stain resistant and will look shiny even without cleaning. It’s also an eco-friendly option as you are simply renewing existing concrete in many instances.

Why should I choose Merolli?

There are few, if any, concrete providers in Melbourne that have been in operation for over 60 years. And none are family owned with such a rich history like Merolli. We are a one-stop shop for all your concreting needs, and you will get a great rate and excellent customer service with us. We have a deep understanding of all aspects of the concrete process, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better provider in Melbourne.

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